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Step 6: determine initial funeral preferences

Initiating discussions about funeral preferences precedes the even more challenging task of making arrangements for the funeral. It is possible that some plans for the funeral have already been made. Yet, there are many times when these decisions have not been discussed at all. Be sure to involve family, friends, and, as appropriate, the soon-to-be deceased in discussions. Allowing everyone to be a part of these decisions will allow the funeral to be reminiscent of your loved one and comforting for those left behind.

These discussions seem grim. But you might be surprised to find that as talks begin, family, friends, and even the soon-to-be deceased may enjoy thoughts of favorite readings or songs. They may appreciate your desire for their input. And you will feel good knowing that you are planning a service that brings honor to your loved one.

Funeral Preferences1 and Funeral Preferences2 may be used as a guide to incorporate preferences including the selection of readings, songs, and pallbearers. Many decisions will not be finalized until after the death, but these initial preparations will allow for a smoother transition and the valuable input of the friend of loved one that is soon-to-be deceased. Additional information regarding the funeral can be found in the following Topic: Managing a Traditional Funeral.

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