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Step 8: finalize details after the funeral

In the few days following the funeral, there are a several activities that need to be completed.  Consider who might be able to help with their execution. Select family members or close friends that are willing and able to assist, then assign the activities accordingly.

Activity 1
Obtain Bill

Obtain and pay the final bill from the funeral director, including what honorariums they may have paid.

Activity 2
Write Checks

Arrange delivery of payment for the remaining honorariums not covered by the funeral home, as well as catering services, and child or pet care that has been provided.

Activity 3
Send "Thank You" Notes

Order, write, and send "Thank You" notes to those that attended the funeral, made donations, or sent flowers.  These may have been ordered by the funeral home.

You have completed one of the most challenging tasks many people ever face: planning a funeral for a loved one. Your careful planning and attention to detail will continue to pay off in the days to come.

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