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Step 1: notify beneficiaries

Notify beneficiaries when the estate will be closed as they may wish to be involved in this process.   A phone call, letter, or email may be used to notify the beneficiaries that the probate process is about to end. 

Use the following sources to compile a list of beneficiaries, trustees, Transfer on Death (TOD) beneficiaries, and Payment on Death (POD) beneficiaries.

  • Will
  • Life Insurance policies
  • Joint financial accounts
  • Investments, pension, savings, stocks, bonds
  • State law regarding treatment of surviving spouse or living partner
  • Titles (real estate, vehicle, etc.)
  • Contacts-Family and Contacts-Other

Beneficiaries can dispute the proceedings, or they may notify the executor if they know of anything that has been missed. Minor concerns about the estate should be addressed with the executor.  For significant concerns, beneficiaries should contact the court and follow proper procedures for expressing their disputes.  For formal probate, they may need to appear at the hearing for the final settlement of the estate.    

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