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Step 3: pay funeral costs

Ensure that funeral expenses have been paid for by the estate. If they were not, facilitate reimbursement.

Activity 1
Review and Pay Remaining Funeral Bills

Check the accuracy of each bill. Ensure that you were not charged for any services that were not provided and that the cost aligns with what was expected. Use Funeral Preferences1 and Funeral Preferences2 to assist.

Confirm that bills have been received and paid for the following:

  • fees for funeral home services including:
    • obituary notice
    • clergy
    • music
    • death certificates
    • cemetery plot opening and closing
    • memorial book
    • burial permit
    • limousine fees
  • Multiple funeral homes may be paid if the body was transported.
  • florist
  • cemetery
  • crematory
  • child care or pet care

Activity 2
Reimburse Personal Expenses

Document personal expenses in detail to receive reimbursement.  Executor Expenses may be used as a tool.

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